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The business to rent space for servers and other computer hardware at a data center from an external provider is called Colocation. These services typically include rackspace in a building that houses everything, such as networking, physical security, redundant power, and cooling systems, which are all meant to keep the servers and data of the customer up and running at all times. By relying on a colocation data center, the capital expenditure of building and maintaining your own facility can be eliminated, while retaining ownership and full control of the physical servers. 

If you need to colocate your systems, the RPBG will accommodate them in its high-quality and optimally secured data center, where nothing has been left to chance.



If you do not want to invest in servers to accommodate the various systems that your company needs, such as your financial and logistics applications, please contact us to rent a virtual server. This server is physically located on the RPBG premises and will be accessible to you depending on your requirements. If you need security and isolation, there is also the possibility to link this VPS to a VPN solution that will be set up for you and your organization.

If you want to know more about this solution, follow the link below to our contact form.

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