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Enterprise Wireless

As wireless workplaces become more common, network administrators need to revise the IT networks under their control. The challenge is to improve the end-to-end user experience. Businesses entering this modern era must recognize that there will be more users, more traffic, and more IoT (Internet of Things) devices all connecting to their network. How do network administrators tackle these complex problems?

The Enterprise Wireless solution from the RPBG addresses these complex problems. Our wireless solution provides central control, deals with interference, and ensures better performance.

Wireless Site Survey

Do you also suffer from a disconnected WiFi connection? Or do you experience your wireless network to be slower than your wired network? Are there places where you would like to work wirelessly but have no connection?

A selection from our customer collection:


Remote Worker

Looking at the developments in the world, partly due to the pandemic, the need for remote working has increased drastically. The new remote worker concept can result in convenience and savings for many employees and their organizations. Think of the geographical freedom and reduction in commuting, whereby all services are provided as if you're physically working from your office.

When emergencies arise that prevent employees from being able to work in their office, organizations need solutions that enable business continuity and support employees in working from alternative locations. The transition to a remote worker concept gives users and companies the opportunity to remotely complete the necessary work without compromising the security of the systems. 

If such a solution is suitable for your company, contact the RPBG to discuss the many options and benefits.

Management by Platform

Are you tired of all the different brands and individual access points within your network, each of which must be controlled separately? We have several solutions for such wireless network issues.

The solutions we offer are for both the SMB and the enterprise market. These systems offer technical solutions to many common problems: 

  • Preventing interference and disturbances
  • Wireless performance boosting
  • Central management
  • Roaming function
  • Multi-band support
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Traffic filtering and shaping 

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