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Oil, Gas & Mining


With ever-changing oil prices, oil and gas companies are realizing that they need to become more flexible and innovative in the way they prepare for inevitable market shifts. As such, their focus is on finding the best opportunities to optimize production efficiency while minimizing costs.

An important part of achieving these operational benefits is the ability to access real-time data and analysis as part of a fully integrated overview of the oil field, understanding all aspects of the assets and the personnel operating within it. Industrial networks enable communications for oil and gas customers to gather real-time field information and reach new levels of operational integration that they strive for, to maximize performance in all market conditions.

Continuously optimize assets in your remote operations.

Imagine being able to instantly connect to a wellhead in your oilfield and have instant access to flow meter data, pressure sensors, and other downhole pump efficiency data, instead of having to recharge the operating resource every time evaluated, physically dispatch a technician. Industry-specific networking equipment allows you to do just that, with unparalleled efficiency. Simply place the wireless nodes at your well sites and seamlessly connect the command center with their remote processing/monitoring applications. These highly robust nodes form a highly reliable meshed network that provides the data oil and gas operators need to make real-time adjustments for continuous equipment performance optimization. This drives efficiencies that have a significant impact on net profitability.

Get the flexibility to perform better in all market conditions.

Take full control of production performance and put your operations in a better position to succeed in both market highs and lows. Our solutions offer the strategic advantage of real-time operational integration, with mobile capabilities that ensure that every aspect of your oil and gas operations, wherever they occur, can be monitored, managed, and continuously optimized for maximum output.

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RPBG Education's main mission is to safeguard its position as a leading training institute for ICT courses. We do this by offering our customers continuity in the delivery of high-quality specialized ICT training that benefits the Surinamese market and by giving them full support in the application and use of ICT; we do this at our own location (in-house) as well as at the customer’s location (in-company), Online and Interactive Online. Secondly, RPBG Education focuses on E-learning / Online learning or learning on the Internet. We do this by stimulating the use of the RPBG online platform for ICT training and other types of educational training and workshops. 

We also offer training for children between 4 -12 years old with the necessary professional guidance.

The vision of RPBG Education triggers all objectivesIn order to achieve success, we select a model in which ICT becomes the TOOL for achieving goals.

RPBG Education is the ideal organization to deliver the desired training or workshop in line with your business objectives.

By expressing:

  • Confidence
  • Customer focus
  • Integrity
  • Flexibility
  • Knowledge and competence

  • Leadership

  • Customer friendliness
  • Professionalism

, we showcase the power of Education by RPBG.

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