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Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts important company data and computer files and takes them hostage. The ransom demanded typically ranges from a few hundred to thousands of US Dollars, mainly to be paid in the form of so-called “bitcoins”. According to statistics, cybercriminals amassed more than US$ 1 billion from attacked companies in 2016. Due to the “success”, it is expected that these criminals will strike more often and harder in the coming period.

You should know that most ransomware attacks arrive via an email message with an “attachment” or attachment (usually in the form of a .zip or .rar file). Therefore, you should exercise great caution when receiving email messages. NEVER open an attachment to an email message that you were not expecting or whose sender you DO NOT recognize, including URLs or web links that you DO NOT recognize or that come from an unknown sender.Dit geldt ook voor URL’s of weblinks die u NIET herkent of die afkomstig zijn van een onbekende afzender.

Stay away from dubious and suspicious websites that include illegal content (torrents, etc.). Today's ransomware techniques are so advanced that even opening such a website or media is enough for the entire company to become infected with ransomware. An important precaution is to back up your computer data. Do NOT underestimate the value of a data backup! Should your company or organization fall victim to a ransomware attack, by "restoring" your backups, the lost data can be restored and your activities can continue with minimal loss of time and costs. met onder andere illegale inhoud (torrents en dergelijke). De ransomware-technieken van nu zijn zo geavanceerd dat zelfs het openen van een dergelijke website of media al voldoende is voor het geheel bedrijf om met ransomware besmet te raken.
Een belangrijke voorzorgsmaatregel is het maken van backups van uw computerdata. Onderschat de waarde van een data-backup NIET! Mocht uw bedrijf of organisatie slachtoffer van een ransomware-aanval worden, kan door middel van het “restoren” van uw backups, de verloren data teruggeplaatst worden en kunnen uw werkzaamheden met een minimaal verlies aan tijd en kosten weer voortgang vinden.

As an employee or officer, you are the first line of defense of your company or organization. Please follow the guidelines outlined to contribute to the fight against ransomware. In addition, make sure that your computer systems are up to date with the latest patches and that your firewall is not an open door to the outside world. Make sure you are aware of the latest cyber threats and the ways they access your systems. verdedigingslijn van uw bedrijf of organisatie. Volg alstublieft de aangegeven richtlijnen op om een bijdrage te leveren in de strijd tegen ransomware. Zorg er bovendien voor dat uw computersystemen up to date zijn met de laatste patches en dat uw firewall geen open deur is naar de buitenwereld. Zorg dat u op de hoogte bent van de laatste cyberthreats en de manieren hoe deze zich toegang verschaffen tot uw systemen.

Failure to follow the above guidelines can lead to serious damage to company data, enormous downtime, and financial damage within your company or organization !!!

This article is part of RPBG's Awareness Campaign against the dangers and risks faced by users of cyberspace (internet). We also make an active contribution to the international debates about cybercrime, of which we closely follow the latest developments. With our Awareness Campaign, we at RPBG want to try to inform the entire Surinamese community about the latest news about cybercrime activities.

If you have further questions about ransomware and how prevention can take place within your company or organization or if you would like a second opinion about your network and system security, you can contact RPBG System Management via support@rpbg.sr or via the RPBG helpdesk at the telephone number 433932.